Camo Kit Package Full Car (Black+White)

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Complete camo kit (Black+White) over 150 pieces/stickers enough to do 1 entire small car or midsize no trucks or suv's

Full Kit Camo (Noire+Blanc) plus que 150 autocollants placer vous meme votre style asser pour 1 char complet

Quality USA made vinyl stickers already computer cut and backing material applied just cut, place and stick use a hard card for a best results 

Self-adhesive backing, bonds to flat or curved surfaces like roofs, hoods, trunk, bumpers, fenders, mirro, spoiler, lips, side pillar bars, door handles, windshield, interior trim, etc Expel any air with a needle after being placed, if your car does not have a quality paint job and could have rust/accidents/clear fading etc and you wish to take it off it could peel off clear or paint like any adhesive including the best quality car wraps and we do not take any responsibility for these reasons *use a heat gun for easy removal*

Shipping is 25$ it comes in a large padded package with tracking number included